Monday, June 10, 2013

Neighbour & Spiltmilk - Serious Clowns EP out on Homebreakin Records

In an epic skirmish heard all across the Canadian hinterlands, Calgary's rhythm wrangler Neighbour has locked horns with Vancouver beat bludgeoner Spiltmilk for the Serious Clowns EP on Homebreakin Records. Once the smoke clears, only four songs remain. But this quartet of tracks is battle-hardened and ready for action on war torn dance floors. Bombs away!

The title cut sets the agenda from the get-go. 'Serious Clowns' rakes in the spacey vibes and massages them with a flanged bass line, a delightful phased bell melody, and some clicky percussion. A familiar vocal bit swirls around the stereo field, challenging the B-boys to deal with the sexiness. 'Look At Each Other and Say Yeah' pushes the pedal on the tempo and races into funky four-on-the-floor territory. A disco bass and a spoken introduction lead the listener into a steady rhythmic build from which no feet can escape. The '80s funk keyboard breakdown further seals the deal. This is followed by the bold 'No YOU Bite It' which starts pleasantly enough before ramping up to a growling low end, horny stab sounds, funky embellishments, and vocal drops echoing the sentiment of the track's title. 'Red Or Black' closes out the EP sounding like a night drive in a sci-fi sports car. Its pulsating bottom and slinky beat bounce along nicely as vocal hits and snappy fills punctuate the proceedings. Opposites attract, indeed.

Neighbour VS Spiltmilk . they both emerge victorious! Let these Serious Clowns inspire your own dance floor army, courtesy of your friends at Homebreakin Records.