Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just uploaded a new funk mix with a whole bunch of new Spilt Milk jams!

Spilt Milk - One 4 tha $horties 
Peter Visti - Besos 
Players Union - Tina's Glow 
Brendon P - Your Definition 
Totalcult - P Funky 
Felipe SA - Party Rock (Marius Vareid remix) 
Stereo Maracana - Freestyle Love 
Hotbox - Marvin's Gangster Groove 
Crazy P - Never Gonna Reach Me (Hot Toddy Remix) 
LA Royale - The Crush 
Bionics - Love Chains 
Suonho - And I love you 
Munk & Peaches - You Can't run from my love 
So Smooth - All Good Funk Alliance 
Timewarp - Moments 
Tio Trevas - eheheh 
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Magic 
Hotbox - Hipnotic Tactics 
Spilt Milk, Phunk Dub, and Trotter - Summer Shark (Kleiner Hai) 
Paul Monroe- Electronic Fever 
Spilt Milk - That Guy 
Neighbour & Spilt Milk - Serious Clowns (PalhaƧo Serio)